Active IQ Level 4 Certificate in Advanced Personal Training



Stay ahead of the competition.

The field of personal training and the needs of modern day professional personal trainers is rapidly evolving in line with the broad ranging needs and goals of the clients they serve. As a result, the industry has never been more competitive. Highly successful personal trainers are results driven and confidently differentiate their services offered to provide an ethical service and sustain a highly successful business. Driving this success is a more scientific and evidence-based approach to programming, training, monitoring and managing clients, which translates to better client retention as well as attracting new clients.

This qualification provides learners with the enhanced knowledge and skills to fully understand their clients utilise an evidence-based approach to programming and develop a successful and sustainable personal training business.

Entry Requirements

Learners must hold a Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training (or equivalent)

Qualification Structure

Unit 1: Applied techniques to support, enhance and manage the client journey

Unit 2: Progressing Clients towards successful achievement of goals


  • ELearning/Coursework

  • Portfolio of Evidence

  • Practical Demonstration/Assignment / case study


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